5th Young Scientist Festival (YSF) being held in Tehran by Jamili Charity Foundation of Iran in collaboration with ECOSF

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5th Young Scientist   Festival (YSF) as “Century Festival” is being held in Tehran on 30th November 2021 by Jamili Charity Foundation of Iran in collaboration with ECOSF and other national/international organizations. The aims of this event are supporting the applied science, nurture talents and strengthen the morale of innovation and inspiring the young generation of Iran.

The YSF encourages submission of the applied ideas in five fields of Basic Science (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Biological Science and Geology) along with two special lines of Coronavirus and Artificial intelligence. The festival goals are: motivating creative young researchers/students, boosting the initiative startups, supporting the knowledge-based products, supporting and completing the cycle of innovation to successful knowledge-based businesses. The selected ideas will receive administrative and educational support in addition to reasonable fund to develop the idea/project. Next Year, YSF will be a global event and address much wider audiences. President ECOSF Prof. Manzoor Soomro is attending the event as an invited speaker. 

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