5th Belt and Road Teenager Maker Camp and Teacher Workshop concluded successfully

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The 5th "Belt and Road" Teenager Maker Camp and Teacher Workshop concluded successfully at Bishan Middle School in Chongqing, P.R. China. The closing event was held in the form of a combination of online and offline, and the leaders and guests from the host city attended the event in person. Simultaneously, international venues were also set up in 7 countries including Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan for the closing. 

The Camp was organized by Children & Youth Science Center (CYSC) of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the People's Government of Chongqing Municipality, and the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It was supported by ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Inter-Academy Partnership Science Education Program (IAP SEP), and Network of African Science Academies (NASAC).


The Camp was launched in online and offline mode on 20 September 2021 and continued till 20 November 2021. It was attended by some 2490 students and teachers from 48+ countries/autonomous regions along the Belt and Road.

ECOSF put efforts to invite the participation from ECO countries, resultantly, 451 participants from eight ECO Countries i.e., Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan attended.

An impressive ceremony was arranged to formally open the Camp in Nanning on 9th Nov 2021. Opening Ceremony was attended by Mr. Huang Ribo, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of the Autonomous Region and Chairman of the Association for Science and Technology, Na Xiang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and other high dignitaries. The leadership from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Officials from the Thai Consulate General were also present in the opening ceremony.

Mr. Huang Ribo, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and said that Guangxi is an important hub of the Maritime Silk Road. He further said that Guangxi issued and implemented the "Guangxi National Scientific Literacy Action Plan (2021-2035)", which is of great strategic significance to boost Guangxi's innovation-driven development and serve the sustainable and high-quality development of science education along the “Belt and Road” initiative. 

During the closing ceremony, wonderful performances were presented by the students and the results of the event in the past two months, were reviewed. This year, the scientific activities/projects were assigned on three themes i.e., low-carbon energy saving, space makers and scientific imaging. In these categories, three awards of Best Maker, Best Presentation and Best Team were given to the participants.

Prof. Manzoor Soomro attended the ceremony through a video message. In his video message, Prof. Soomro appreciated the efforts of leadership of CYSCC and CAST for continuity of the programme since 2017. He emphasized upon students and teachers to take opportunity on this huge international platform to sharpen their scientific knowledge and wisdom. 

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