ECOSF becomes Affiliated Member of AIUTA

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ECOSF is proud to share that it has been granted/inducted as the “Affiliated Member” of International Association of Universities of Third Age (AIUTA). The Membership was approved by the Governing Board of AIUTA in its meeting held on October 10, 2019 in Byblos, Lebanon.

Due to changing demographics, the fraction of elderly population is growing at a considerable rate in many countries. This growing ageing population is developing a serious challenge and affecting the economic, social and cultural and overall lifestyle of a nation. In order to address this challenge, University of Third Age (U3A) program was launched in Toulouse France in 1973 and spread rapidly throughout Europe and across the Atlantic to America to cater to the educational needs of elderly people. It is a remarkable initiative to help higher age groups contribute in the socio-economic sphere with education and research.

AIUTA brings together third age universities from all continents. Its action over the past four decades has made a significant contribution to the cause of senior citizens through lifelong learning, exchanges between universities and education enabling them productive members of society.  

There are millions of senior citizens in the world who do not have much to do in life primarily due to social and cultural norms. They need something to keep them up-to-date and engaged. Thus, the University of the Third Age (U3A) is the perfect place to be for senior citizens. The main idea behind the U3A is to make it easier for people to study whatever they like.

The Affiliated Membership will enable ECOSF to engage the elderly/senior citizens of ECO countries to share their wisdom, expertise and experiences with the senior peoples of different countries of the world.

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