An opportunity was grabbed by President ECOSF to visit Cite des sciences et l’industrie, Universcience Paris

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Ms. Caroline Turre from the Direction of International Affairs of Cite des science received Dr. Soomro, gave him a round of the interactive exhibitions and then the two sat together to discuss possibility of cooperation and support of Cite des science to TDF (The Dawood Foundation) and its Science Centre under construction in Karachi Pakistan.

It was agreed in principle by Ms. Turre that the cooperation is possible, however she said that it would depend on what sort of assistance is required by TDF; whether the Universcience management would agree and where the funds would come from? Meanwhile, she said that she would apprise her higher authorities and the matter would subsequently be discussed with the officials of Embassy of France in Pakistan to decide on specific help. On inquiry as to whether Cite des science conducts trainings of science communicators so as to build the capacity of Pakistani institutions in science communication, Ms. Turre informed that they do conduct a school in “science facilitation” for science communicators and thus the training could be possible. It was also revealed that Palais de covre (Discovery Museum) will begin closing next year (2020) and fully close by the year 2024 and the exhibits would be moved  out. Thus there might be a possibility of acquiring some exhibits for TDF Science Centre in Karachi Pakistan.

Dr. Soomro therefore proposed that upon his return back to Pakistan, he would debrief the French Embassy colleagues in Islamabad and encourage them to visit Cite des science during their forthcoming visit to Paris for discussion on possible support from Universcience to TDF in Pakistan.

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