UNESCO Lecture on Earth Materials for a Sustainable and Thriving Society attended by President ECOSF

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UNESCO has planned a series of lectures to highlight the importance of earth materials in the world. The first lecture on Earth Materials for a Sustainable and Thriving Society with the theme; “Earth materials: the foundation for development” was held virtually on 26 January 2021. It was attended by large number of earth scientists, researchers, academia and the students. Prof. Manzoor H. Soomro, President ECOSF also attended the first lecture.

The speakers of the lecture were Dr Larry Meinert, Meinert Consulting LLC, Delaware, USA and Dr Nellie Mutemeri, Mining Practice Lead, Mutemeri Consulting and Associate Professor, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. They discussed about minerals and other earth materials as key components in the development of a sustainable global society, providing essential raw materials for various technologies and economic growth, while respecting the natural world.

This lecture, designed for a global audience, provided diverse perspectives on earth materials and their role in society. Leading natural scientists, social scientists, and educators looked at how earth materials are critical to a sustainable future and how the minerals sector, adhering to best practices, can contribute to society in a socially and environmentally positive way. Future lectures can be joined by anyone interested using the link in above poster.

After the lecture, President ECOSF held a networking meeting with Prof. David Kaplan of International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Cape Town South Africa, who concluded the discussion after the lecture. The two briefly introduced each other’s organizations and appreciated the first lecture of the series on Earth Materials by UNESCO’s Geosciences programme. Potential collaboration was also discussed during the meeting. The lectures can be joined in through the link in the poster above [].

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