Five Muslim scientists awarded Mustafa (PBUH) Prize in various fields of Science and Technology in an award distribution ceremony held in Tehran, Iran

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The award distribution ceremony of the 3rd round of Mustafa (PBUH) Science Prize was held in Tehran on November 11, 2019. During the award ceremony, two Turkish and three Iranian scientists were recognized as the laureates of the 3rd Mustafa Science Prize. The laureates were also adorned with special medals and certificates.

The Mustafa Prize is a top science and technology award granted to the top researchers and scientists of the Islamic World biennially. It was launched in 2013 with the mission to promote science and technology in the Islamic world. The Mustafa Prize is awarded in five categories of information and communication science and technology, life and medical science and technology, Nano-science and nanotechnology and all areas of science and technology and scientists from Islamic countries. Each laureate is awarded USD 500,000/- which is financed through the endowments made to the Prize.

The award ceremony attracted a large number of eminent scientists and researchers around the world. Dr. Sourena Sattari, the Vice President of Islamic Republic of Iran for Science and Technology, was the Chief Guest. Dr. Ali Ekber Salihi, Chairman of Iran Atomic Energy Commission also graced the occasion as a guest of honor. Dr. Sattari who is also the chairman of policy making council of the prize, made his speech and highlighted the significance of collaboration among the Muslim scientists to address the challenges being faced by not only Muslim countries but for entire the developing world. He further emphasized that the Mustafa Science Prize is an effective platform to recognize the remarkable discoveries and research in science and technology contributed by the Muslim Scientists around the world.

During award ceremony, the Mustafa Science Prize was awarded to five eminent scientists of the Islamic World in two categories in their respective fields, as listed below:


  1. Ali Khadem Hosseini, an Iranian National (Life and Medical Science) University of California, Los Angeles, USA.
  2. Ugur Sahin, a Turkish professor (Life and Medical Science) and founder of TRON GmbH, Mainz, Germany.


  1. Mohammad Abdolvahed, an Iranian National (Nano Science and Technology) University of Tehran
  2. Hossein Baharvand, an Iranian National (Stem Cell Biology) Royan Institute, Iran
  3. Umran Inan, a Turkish scientist (Ionospheric and Atmospheric Physics) Koç University and Stanford University

On behalf of ECOSF, its President Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro participated in the award ceremony. It is important to mention here that on the sidelines of this award ceremony, 6th Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) was held; where Prof. Soomro was invited as a keynote speaker on Science Communication.

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