ECOSF and KISTEP have joined together to Co-organizing a Session on “Green Innovation for Sustainable Future” in the 3rd Asian Innovation Forum on 29 August, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea

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The ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) is co-organizing a session on the “Green Innovation for Sustainable Future” at the 3rd Asian Innovation Forum (AIF) in partnership with Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP) as one of its founder members of the AIF. The Forum is scheduled to take place on August 29th, in Seoul, Korea. The forum aims to seek new possibilities with policy makers, researcher and innovation leaders by sharing Knowledge and Experiences in Science, Technology and Innovation. The Forum was initially launched in 2015 and for the last two years, KISTEP has organized this forum to open up channels of communication between the key actors of Asian Innovation. This Forum will bring together innovative leaders, policy makers, development experts, scientists and researchers to address the region’s key innovation challenges. It is important to mention here that the Foundation became a founder member of Asian STI Think Tanks Network (ASTN), that was launched during the 1st Asian Innovation Forum in 2015.

The session on “Green Innovation for Sustainable Future” aims to discuss most pressing challenges that Asia will face in the next 15 to 20 years, particularly in the area of energy, agriculture and climate change. Thus this session is being organized by ECOSF and KISTEP to develop a discourse as to how to bring adequate investments in Clean Technologies, promote innovation in Green Technologies, improve lives of people in the developing region and how to effectively address all these challenges. This session will highlight technologies for green innovation and bring together experts, scientists and governments to create a shared understanding of the role of governments, academia and business to promote green innovation in Asia to achieve a sustainable future.

More information about the the session and speakers can be found at:

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