ECOSF in collaboration with IRP organized a webinar on “COVID-19: Impact on Energy and Environment in Pakistan”

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ECOSF in collaboration with Institute of Research Promotion (IRP), University of Sialkot and Ripha Institute of Public Policy and other partners co-hosted a webinar on the “COVID-19: Impact on Energy and Environment in Pakistan” on May 5, 2020. Engr. Khalil Raza Scientific Officer ECOSF participated as a speaker and delivered his talk on the subject.

Mr. Raza shared the COVID-19 has disrupted the global energy supply and demand. The global pandemic has generated shockwaves with an unprecedented impact on the oil markets and pushed the price to negative region, never seen in the history of the oil market. This is causing extreme turbulence in the market where major oil exporting countries will see devastating impacts. However, the lower oil prices could be beneficial for the net importing economies including Pakistan, he added.

Mr. Khalil Raza also shared that COVID-19 has suppressed the electricity demand by roughly 25-30% in Pakistan during the lockdown. Although, this is a temporary effect and might see increase in demand if lockdown is lifted and increasing cooling load in the summer season in the country, he said.

Mr. Khalil also provided insight on improved air quality due to lower vehicular and industrial emission during the lockdown. This is again a temporary affect and this will be back to normal if lockdown is lifted in the country. He called for policy measures to reduce the impact of emissions to address the environmental and climate change issues. Later Mr. Kamil Qudus an energy expert also joined the webinar and he presented his analysis on the subject.

At the end, participants were given an opportunity for Q&A and discussion.

The webinar can be accessed at

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