ECOSF Sponsor the Lahore Science Mela (Fair) – 2019

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Lahore Science Mela (Fair) – 2019 will be on 12-13 October 2019 at Ali Institute of Education, Lahore, Pakistan. The Mela is organized by Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) in collaboration with ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Ali Institute of Education. This, year, it will be 3rd annual instalment of the Mela which was started in 2017. Since the start, ECOSF has been supporting the event. It is pertinent to mention that last year, ECOSF invited two experts of maths from Isfahan Mathematics House (IMH) to display and interact with mathematical instruments created by the House which was largely liked and interacted by the visitors.

Since 2019 is the International Year of Periodic Table, our Mela this year will be focused on the wonders of chemistry including elements, minerals, compounds, mining and major industrial processes. The other sets of exhibits will be divided into several parts such as life sciences, wildlife flora and fauna, AI and electronics, mineral and agricultural resources and space sciences, to name a few. The Lahore Science Mela is open-to-all and invites interest from science organizations, aspiring scientists and researchers, professionals and other potential exhibitors. Open invitation is sent to all citizens of Pakistan, especially the students, teachers, parents and senior citizens to help us initiate the Science Mela Culture in the country.

The LSM Series comprises of annual science festivals organized to cater to the need for the promulgation of scientific ideas and news among the general public. The event is accessible to all and we do not charge any fee from the exhibitors or the visitors. We gather students, teachers, parents and senior citizens from different parts of Lahore and the surroundings and make science available to them in its most simplest and comprehensive form. Apart from being temporary hubs of practical and experimental science, the Melas also become a platform for emerging scientists, science clubs, non-profit science organizations, tech startups, and other government and non-government based bodies to introduce themselves to the community.

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