ECOSF Participated in a Webinar on Light and Polymers organized by COMSTECH

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COMSTECH organized the webinar to discuss light-based science and technologies and its impact on electronics, medicine, and in general on 10 September 2020. A good number of policy makers, academicians, scientists and general public and the member OIC states attended the webinar.  Engr. Khalil Raza participated in the webinar on behalf of the ECOSF. 

Prof. Dr.Yusuf Yagci, Professor of Chemistry at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey was the Guest speaker of the webinar. Prof. Yusuf Yagci said that Light is the major source of life through photosynthesis and all living organisms need light for survival. Today, light based science and technologies have a great impact on electronics, medicine, and in general natural sciences including chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and earth sciences.

Compare to the thermal counterparts, light induced processes provide several advantages such as lower energy, favorable environmental conditions, spatial and temporal control. Photochemical reactions are efficiently used in macromolecular synthesis through free radical, cationic, anionic and step-growth mechanisms. In his presentation, he shared major photochemical routes which can be activated in UV, visible and Near IR (NIR) region to prepare complex macromolecular structures will be presented.

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