President ECOSF as Guest of the Day live in a National hook-up Radio Programme

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President ECO Science Foundation Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro was invited as Guest of the day on a live Radio Talk Show "Rabta" (Contact) at Radio Pakistan, Islamabad Station on 2nd Dec 2015. The Talk Show is broadcast live on national hook-up and heard around the country and abroad. Purpose of this live programme is to raise awareness among the society about various important issues related to societal and developmental issues of the public. Live phone calls are also taken and the guest has to answer those.

President ECOSF was asked to introduce himself and share his background and endeavours for studies while being born in a resource poor farming family and studying up to Ph.D. Thus after his personal introduction highlighting the fact that he had a brilliant academic career and he studied on merit scholarships from Primary schooling till Ph.D., he gave a brief introduction of ECO Science Foundation, aims, motives and objectives of the Foundation. He also told how a country can get the membership of ECOSF via their diplomatic channel and get benefitted through Foundation.

Dr. Soomro mentioned during the program that Pakistan is full of talented people; however, it is not much developed in Science & Technology sector. The need of the time is to excel in Science and Technology but also Education and to improvise, standardize and implement inquiry based science education- promoting critical thinking and reasoning at grass root level. Science centers and Science museums may also be established to attract the growing young generation towards science. He highlighted the fact that almost 25% of Pakistan's population today is in the ages of 5-16 years and if they are not engaged in positive activities of proper education, some might go stray and become rebellions in the society!

Prof. soomro stressed over the importance of the environment and teacher's role in the character building of a student. He added that nature is full of indications; one must look into the natural phenomena and inquire into the nature to learn. He also discussed the major programs initiated by ECOSF. The one pertinent to mention is Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE), in which teachers are trained well and they then train their students to seek learning through inquiry of things and experimentation rather than memorization or rote learning. He also spoke about the research and innovation initiatives of the Foundation. He spoke about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially the SDG-4 Education and lifelong Learning and SDG-5 Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls. He said that since more than 50% of our population is women, and if we do not empower and utilize them to contribute in the society, our 50% talent will go waste. Thus he emphasized that more females should be encouraged and facilitated to come forward and serve the nation. But he said, the workplace environment and attitude of men towards women must change and there should be required facilities for females and workplace. President ECOSF also entertained different callers during the program, answered their queries related to science, education, innovation tand the society, and guided them through.

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