Students along with their families attended more batches of Online Family STEM Summer Camps organized by ECOSF and PSC

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In continuation of Online Family STEM Camps which began in April 2020, more batches (6th and 7th) were organized by Pakistan Science Club (PSC) in partnership with ECOSF in the month of September 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic and closure of schools.  Online Family STEM Summer Camps provide a platform for hands-on/fun-learning scientific activities by engaging not only students of different age groups but also parents. These camps provide confidence and better understanding of scientific processes to the participants.  

More than 50 families participated in the last 2 camps. 3 open workshops conducted on Sunday. Batch-8 will be starting from 9 October 2020. A range of very interesting small scientific projects was the main reason behind the enthusiastic involvement/performance of the participants such as; Vibrating robot, Rubber powered gun,  Hovercraft, Hydraulic crane, Paper circuit, Electromagnet Solar Lantern, Wind Mill, Air rocket / Straw and Paper Airplanes, Saltwater battery, Solar oven, Vertical Axis, Wind Turbine, Water Rocket, Hydraulic Lift, Gliders and Dark sensor

Following are some shots from the scientific activities:

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