ECOSF Participated in the Yidan Prize Awards Presentation Ceremony and Summit 2020

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The Yidan Prize for Education Award Ceremony and Summit 2020 were held virtually on December 7, 2020. During the ceremony, Yidan Prize Foundation announced laureates of the Yidan Prize 2020, which the largest international award in the field of education and worth millions of dollars to its winners. President ECOSF Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro and Engr. Khalil Raza, Scientific Officer participated in the virtual summit on behalf of the ECOSF.

Established in 2016 by Dr Charles Chen Yidan, a core founder of Chinese tech giant Tencent, the Hong Kong-based Yidan Prize Foundation has a mission to create a better world through education.

Every year, Yidan Prize laureates are each presented with a gold medal. In addition, a total of HK$30 million (around US$3.9 million) of prize funds is awarded to the individual or team (shared equally) from each category – half as a cash prize and half in the form of a project fund managed by the Foundation.

The Yidan Prize 2020 for Education Research was awarded to Prof. Carl Wieman, professor of physics and a professor at the Graduate School of Education and DRC chair at Stanford University in the United States. Prof. Wieman is considered the world’s foremost scholar on college science teaching, with his research on active learning preparing the next generation of students to be more scientifically literate. His education tool, Physics Education Technology Interactive Simulations, provides free STEM-related simulations to support the learning of secondary and undergraduate college students around the world.

The Yidan Prize for Education Development was won by Lucy Lake, Chief Executive Officer, CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education), and Angeline Murimirwa, Executive Director – Africa, for their work to support marginalised girls’ education. The organisation has already supported 4.1 million students to attend primary and secondary school across Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and helped six million students to benefit from an improved education environment.

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