ECOSF, UNESCO and PEC held a review meeting on Engineering Accreditation in the Central Asia

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A meeting was held to assess and review the progress made on “Engineering Qualification Standardization, Accreditation and Professional System (EQSAPS)” at the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) on April 28, 2018. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Khan, Director UNESCO Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific. ECOSF was represented by Engr. Khalil Raza, Scientific Officer and Mr. Ghulam Abbas Rahar Assistant Director (Admin and Programmes). Dr. Nasir Khan Registrar Accreditation represented the PEC in the meeting. The meeting discussed various issues pertaining to the progress and implementation of EQSAPS project in the Central Asia. Prof. Shahbaz Khan stressed over the need for effective engineering accreditation in the Central Asia for developing the capacity and institutionalizing the efforts to bring meaningful and positive developments in the region and beyond. Engr. Khalil Raza shared the progress and current status of EQSAPS with the stakeholders. It is important to mention here that ECOSF in partnership with UNESCO, the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP), and the Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World (AETDEW) initiated the EQSAPS project to assist the ECO economies, particularly those which lack a national accreditation body, to improve and develop the standards of engineering qualifications in those member states, particularly in Central Asia, with a launch of event in Tajikistan in March 2017. Prof. Shahbaz Khan appreciated the efforts made by the partnering organizations and meeting concluded with a positive note that partners would continue to work together to bring this project to a meaningful conclusion.

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