IAP SEP Global Council Meeting 2019 hosted by the National Science Museum of Thailand held in Bangkok- President ECOSF Participated as a Member

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The 2019 meeting of the Global Council (GC) of InterAcademy Partnership Science Education Programme (IAP SEP) was held on August 21, 2019 in Bangkok; it was hosted by the National Science Museum of Thailand in Bangkok. The main focus of IAP SEP is the promotion of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) and also the improvement of science literacy among the general population through national academies of sciences as well as science museums and centres.

The meeting was chaired by Interim Chair of the Global Council- Academician Dato (Ir.) Dr. Lee Yee Cheong of Malaysia, who welcomed all the members of the Global Council and appreciated their continuous support to the Science Education Programme of IAP. Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, President, ECO Science Foundation who is also the member of IAP SEP Global Council, participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, various administrative and strategic decisions including adoption of the minutes of the last meeting were made. The meeting also sought the progress made on the global science education programmes by regional IAP networks including the Asian, African and South American and discussed the future plans. Dato Lee shared a proposal for establishment of a “Virtual Nobel Science Museum” that he has sent to the President of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences that manages the Nobel Prizes. Prof. Manzoor Soomro proposed a “Belt and Road Virtual Museum of Science and Technology” under the patronage of China Association of Science and Technology (CAST)- a strong collaborator of ECO Science Foundation and IAP SEP. Dr. Soomro as a Vice President of the Belt and Road International Science Education Coordinating Committee (BRISECC) has already written to CAST and the Secretariat for discussion on the proposal in the forthcoming meeting of BRISECC in Nanning China.

In the end, the Chair (Dato Lee) especially thanked National Science Museum for hosting the meeting and wonderful arrangements and facilitation. After concluding the agenda of the meeting, the Interim Chair of IAP SEP Global Council- Dato Lee handed over the Council Chair to Prof. (Mrs.) Wafa Skalli of Moroccan Academy of Sciences. Prof. Skalli appreciated and thanked the Global Council and its Secretariat for their trust in her and assured of her sincere efforts to further the objectives of IAP SEP. She also thanked the hosts of the meeting- NSM Thailand for excellent arrangements and the great Thai hospitality.

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