2nd International Seminar on Climate Change Education

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From the 12th to the 15th of September 2023, the Office for Climate Education is hosting its second International Seminar on Climate Change Education in partnership with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research!

As the interest for climate change education grows internationally, the OCE wishes to create a space where decision makers and practitioners can get acquainted with the latest best practices and tools to help them accelerate the implementation of quality climate change education projects.

This three and a half days event will be comprised of a high-level day that will bring together a diverse set of key stakeholders, from international development banks, philanthropies and ministries to local NGOs from regions around the world, all working on climate change education (CCE) implementation strategies.

This segment will be followed by a full 3 days of workshops aimed at understanding the core principles of climate change education.

Who can attend?

The high-level event will welcome approximately eighty participants, whereas the workshop part of this seminar will host around fifty participants from various countries, outside the European Union at different stages of CCE implementation. Participants will be educational system officers, academics in charge of teacher’s professional development, international cooperation education officers, funders and other stakeholders in CCE.

How to apply?

The OCE is currently welcoming double applications to attend the international seminar: 2 persons from the same country, 1 decision-maker / 1 educator. The profiles of the participants have to be complementary to guarantee a better transfer within their national system. The participants will have to be proficient in English.

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