President ECOSF participated in the Istanbul TECHNOFEST 2023

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President ECOSF accompanied by Dr. Miray Basaran, Co-founder of Synergia, paid a whole day visit to TECHNOFEST, which was hosted by Ministry of Technology and Industry, Ministry of Industry and Technology (MOIT), TUBITAK, TUBA and other relevant Turkish institutions at the Atatürk Airport. A number of academia, knowledge- based companies, government corporations, industries and startups had participated to the event.

During the visit, Professor Tayebi had meetings with President of Technofest, Mr. Huseyin Yildirim and Mr. Ali Baygeldi, Head of Space and Spacecraft Department. He briefed objectives and programs of ECOSF, and then invited Technofest to take part to TTEC. The president of Technofest warmly welcomed the ECOSF President and confirmed his consideration for possible participation to the ECO TTEC. Then, both sides talked about possible collaborations and cooperation in terms of science, technology and innovation including various applications.

Istanbul Technofest is an annual technology and innovation festival held in Istanbul, Turkey. It aims to bring together the brightest minds, innovative startups, leading technology companies, and enthusiasts from around the world to showcase and explore the latest advancements in various technological fields.

The festival offered a diverse range of activities and events, including technology exhibitions, competitions, workshops, conferences, seminars, drone races, robotic competitions, and more. It served as a platform for participants to showcase their projects, products, and ideas, as well as network with industry professionals, investors, and potential collaborators.

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