3rd Joint Training Program on Digital Transformation for the Belt and Road (B&R) Countries (October 11th, 2021)

BTBU-ECOSF Joint Training Center is hosting its 3rd Training Program on “Digital Transformation for the Belt and Road (B&R) Countries’ on October 11, 2021. Digital transformation is the process of adapting existing practices to new digital methods to increase efficiency and keep up with rapidly-changing market demands. This means integrating new technologies—big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things—into every area of the conventional business.

It’s imperative to not just implement new technology for the sake of innovation, but to fundamentally change the culture and increase operational efficiency by using agile digital and modern business tools and techniques. This training program on digital transformation would provide an overview of digital technologies that benefits everyone at government, business and individual level. The training program is in line with ‘Digital Silk Road’ initiative which aims to promote the interconnection of countries worldwide and provided development momentum for sustainable development in the world.

Deadline for the registration is Octoer 09, 2021

You are cordially invited to participate in this important training program. For registration, please visit us at ecosf.org/signup.aspx

For further details and information, please download or view the training brochure click here

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